WHY Kotravai ?

Our Kotravai website has detailed information regarding all companies, Hospitals, Educational institutes, Showrooms, Jewelries, Halls, Stores, Service centers, small businesses and more. These detailed information consist of Company images, Location through maps, Videos, Description of their products and services. Users can view all these details from our website Kotravai.

Kotravai Advantages:

To provide users with the necessary information and contact information of the companies they search for their day to day needs. Information regarding all the companies, medicals, rental vans, Auto drivers, Acting drivers, electricians, plumber can be obtained by searching on Kotravai. Users can get information of businesses ranging from corporation to small villages on Kotravai,including information all Emergency numbers.

Kotravai App & Web

We made kotravai in a way to provide users and business people the necessary information of businesses from all categories and Location varying from Metro cities to rural part of our country.

We designed our app in a way to search and navigate information in an easy way.


Customer Benefits

Kotravai is used by numerous users and business people, we can help businesses to get new customers and grow their business even more. Businesses can highlight their quality services and products and boost their sales and revenue.

Customer Usage

If Kotravai user like to make changes to the information that they provided, they can contact their distributors or our head office to make the necessary changes.

Kotravai Customer & Logo

Kotravai provide your company's detailed information which cannot be conveyed through visiting cards, flyer or Advertisements. Users just have to enter the company name that they looking for in kotravai search and learn all the information they need regarding that company.

Kotravai Technology's

Kotravai Technology Solutions was started by R. Piramachi. Tirunelveli District For the past ten years, we have been providing our services in Media and IT Industries.The reason behind starting kotravai.in website throughout Tamil Nadu is to get general information such as service provided, address, phone number, detailed information etc from all the Industries around Tamil Nadu.By submitting your Business detail in kotravai.in, we will help improve your Business and My other services Skip Add,Bulk SMS,Voice SMS,Google Ad,Email Marketing,Toll Free Number,Digital Marketing,Website Development,Social Media Marketing,E-Commerce Site Development,Kotravai Yellow Pages. Thank you


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